Sound Healing Meditation

Sunday March 21st 6:00-7:00pm

What to Expect:


- We will open with spending a few moments with simple stretches on the mat and setting our intention to allow the body to open and receive the beautiful and healing sounds.


- We will then move into a comfortable position and nothing else needs to be done- sit back and enjoy!


- Five quartz crystal bowls associated to Endocrine organs in the body. You not only hear the sound, but feel the vibration through the entire body, allowing total relaxation. Consider it a massage for the inside and outside of the body.

- The sound of the singing bowls allows you to be fully embodied in an ocean of sound which will allow healing to occur at a deep level within the body.

- Sound helps by shifting our brain waves, which allows for deep relaxation. It also helps in shifting perspectives, and to remove any energetically blocked areas in the body.

Price: $20

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Wheel Workshop

April 8th 7:15-8:30 pm

Yoga wheel workshop focusing on the fundamentals to gain the core strength to work towards inversions and also learn how to do inversions safely, and make them stronger. This class is for all levels and options will be given to all levels. We will also be learning ways to use the wheel for stretching and flexibility to achieve those inversions.

Price: $20

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Call (813) 716-0904 for more information