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Katie’s love for movement and physical fitness began at an early age as a ballerina. She studied dance throughout her childhood and into her young adult years when she also began teaching.

In 2010 she attended her first Bikram yoga class and in 2013 began expanding her practice to include Hot Flow, Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes. Yoga fulfilled her need for movement as well as helping her to find strength from within. Her practice has changed her life and has confirmed her passion to teach as well as be a guide for others down the path to physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Katie is a RYT 200 and completed her training in 2013. Her teaching practice reflects her belief that we need to listen to our bodies and be kind to them. Her goal is to provide a class that helps you disconnect from the world outside of the studio so that you can positively connect with your mind and body.



Terry studied under Ellen MacKay (E-RYT) and Megan Hochheimer (RYT-200) of Karma Yoga in Valrico, Florida. She also studied under Jean Martin (E-RYT, RYT-500, RCYT) with Yoga Ed Institute I for specialized training in children’s yoga. Terry truly enjoys working with beginner and intermediate students, focusing on the foundations of yoga, healthy alignment, and helping others to experience the joy, peace, and calm that yoga can bring.

Terry believes that yoga can benefit everyone, no matter what their physical ability, age, or fitness level. She emphasizes listening to your body, proper breathing, stretching, and the non-competitive nature of yoga. Terry has been involved in teaching and mentoring for over twenty years. Prior to becoming a yoga instructor, she was a drug prevention/healthy living specialist working in Hillsborough County schools for nine years, and volunteered as a Girl Scout leader for over twelve years. Terry is married and the mother of three daughters ages 16-25.

Here at Koa, Terry features on our schedule Tuesday and Thursday mornings bringing a balanced blend of morning stretches and warm-ups, gentle flow, and restore/renew poses. After class on Tuesday, enjoy a hot cup of the “Morning Blend of the Day!” The perfect way to start your day. 



Passionate about helping others improve their physical balance and mental well-being, Donna came to yoga like many people do; in search of greater health.

Diagnosed with osteopenia at a young age and placed on medication for the maximum suggested usage period of 6 years, she knew she had to find alternative methods of managing her condition.  Despite routinely walking and doing weight bearing exercises, her bone scan results were worsening. After some research, she decided to add the practice of yoga to her routine.  One year later, her bone scan showed impressive improvement!  The only change to her life style was a committed yoga practice and she remains convinced that yoga was the key to her improved bone health.  

Through her classes Donna hopes to help others cultivate strength, balance, inner peace, and overall wellbeing.



Susan is a ray of sunshine. Through the yoga practice, she has the ability to make you fall in love with yourself in a new light. Her classes are playful as she leads you through the basics with humor and ease.



Coleen began practicing about 10 years ago after dealing with some difficult life changes and was

looking for something different. After taking a few classes at a local gym, she was hooked by the

continuous challenge and it became a new routine. After a few years of deepening her practice, she

knew she wanted to share this passion with everyone she could. Coleen completed her teacher training

at Yogani in Tampa, back in 2013/2014 at 8 months pregnant.

Coleen teaches a Vinyasa style based class. Coleen’s passion for Vinyasa flow style comes from the

“alive yet relaxed” feeling state that you will have by the time you finish class with her.

You can expect her class to incorporate a variety of music and aimed to accommodate different

experience levels so EVERYONE is welcome! Coleen wants everyone that joins her class to feel a strong

sense of community.

Coleen believes yoga provides so many benefits beyond just the physical. It’s about connection the

mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a great teacher for dealing with life’s moments.

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I found a love for yoga several years ago not knowing exactly what it was all about but just that I felt great every time I attended a class. Each time I left feeling, relaxed, joyful, positive, and energized. After exploring different types of yoga in both Florida and Colorado, I began incorporating Vinyasa, Power, Restorative and Gentle flow into my practice on a regular basis. It was then I realized the positive impact yoga was having on my mind and body and I wanted to make it a permanent part of my lifestyle.

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Yoga Instructor training and received my 200 RYT Instructor Certification in March of 2019 through the Find Your Voice Teacher Training Program. Prior to becoming an Instructor, I worked in the Healthcare Insurance industry for more than 30 years. It is my passion to do something which would allow me to bring positive energy, joy, strength and well-being to others. Through teaching asanas, relaxation and mindfulness my hope is to share with students the many benefits that Yoga has to offer. My intention for every class is that students will arrive feeling welcomed and happy to be on their mat, and leave feeling refreshed and energized.



I have worked with the different styles and techniques in martial arts (kung fu, jujitsu, eagle claw, white crane, and capoeira). I strongly believe in self- culture through the practice of tai chi ; the balance coordination and the inner strength one achieves by practicing tai chi.



Rebecca’s first introduction to yoga was in college and community classes offered on campus.   After college, she practiced sporadically with DVDs.  Later, when recovering from a car accident, Rebecca found a class designed for people with injuries at the local yoga studio in her town.  It was like coming home.  As much as her body needed to mend, her spirit needed it more. 

With a desire to share what yoga had given her, Rebecca enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Karma Yoga, in Litha, Florida. She believes that a slow, mindful practice helps one develop strength and stability in the body, mind, and spirit.   Additionally, Rebecca has continued her studies to include Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and sees clients privately to share this practice.  

In addition to her Yoga practice, Rebecca is an artist with a focus on nature-inspired watercolor paintings, and an active member of the Plant City Commons Community Garden.  Rebecca lives in Plant City, Florida with her husband and four fur-babies.


Deb Johnson

In 2008 Deb Johnson began experimenting with yoga in Midlothian, VA. She moved to Tampa with her husband and 2 teen sons in 2018. Her passion for yoga was cultivated by the inspiring teachers at Karma Yoga. In 2020 she began the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Upon completion in 2021, she became RYT-200 certified.

Deb loves energetic classes that focus on connecting breath with movement. She believes yoga helps us love and accept ourselves, just as we are. Yoga is a practice, it's about you and your mat. Our mats are a metaphor for our lives. Roll out your mat, practice and surprise yourself with the joys of movement and self-discovery.

Daria "Dasha" Antle

Daria was born and raised in the remote reaches of Northern Siberia, one of the world's coldest climates. While the surroundings she grew up in might be harsh and frigid, she is, herself, kind and warm. Starting her yoga journey in 2009, Daria has been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world for both work and pleasure. Everywhere she has been, she has always made a point to attend local yoga classes. Whether practicing Kundalini in Goa, India, or taking Ashtanga class on Koh Samui, Thailand, she has striven to take with her the best that each discipline has to offer.


Daria is a RYT 200 and completed her training in February 2021 at Karma Yoga & Fitness Studio in Valrico, FL.Using best practices learned the world over, she hopes to make her classes challenging and immensely rewarding physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Daria also knows how to cook a delicious vegetarian borscht (Russian beet soup,) so maybe when you see her next time at the studio, ask for the recipe!