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Your Plant City Yoga Studio.

MONTHLY UNLIMITED WITH AUTO PAY $85 *Three month minimum. Lock in at this rate and it will stay the same, even when membership prices increase. Cancel anytime with 2 weeks written notice. One 30 day "hold" allowed annually.  


Find out about all of our current and upcoming specials, workshops, newest class additions, events in the community and all of the exciting happenings at the Koa Yoga Studio.

"I recently attended the Koa Yoga Studio and enjoyed my time more than I expected. This was my first yoga experience and I was apprehensive at first since I was attending with others who are regular members. However, Katie is a phenomenal instructor and explained every move and lead at a perfect pace that I never felt overwhelmed. The studio itself is tranquil, clean and really adds to the pleasant experience. I will definitely be attending more classes! If you’re skeptical, I encourage you to give The Koa Yoga Studio a try, especially if you hold stress in your back and shoulders, Katie targeted those areas in our class and I left feeling more relaxed than I have in months!" - Brittney Maddalena

"Took my first class last night. Absolutely love it! I am physically limited and did not feel singled out at all! The instructor showed me how to do modified movements so I could participate at my ability. What an amazing experience!" - Heidi Morin

Interested in teaching at KOA? Call (813) 716-0904

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2806 James L Redman Pkwy, Studio 205 Plant City, FL
Tel: 813-716-0904  |
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